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Wenzhou Antong ball valve Co., Ltd. located in a " China Valve City " reputation longwan Marina Park ( near the airport ) , with a total area of 4,800 square meters, is a professional production of ball sphere enterprises, mainly the production of stainless steel spheres, variety ball valves , floating ball , fixed ball , three balls , four balls , V -type regulation sphere, hard seal dedicated special sphere, as well as various rules billiard balls and steel using welding forming balls. Blanks using the forging, casting and steel plate welding. The above specifications according to the standard sphere of production , but also according to customer size production .

      Currently companies are in a rapid and steady development period , specializing in the production sphere diameter from the valve DN6-DN200 , the company has sophisticated production equipment and strong sphere of production and innovation capacity, mainly in the sphere material : WCB, 2Cr13, 1CVr18NiTi CF8 (304) CF8M (316) CF3 (304L) CF3M (316L) and so on .

      We always adhere to the people -oriented, technology innovation for business purposes ; and in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system standard for production tracking , control and management. To the customer first , quality-oriented , business integrity , dedicated service for business ideas and brand building up the city as a business development, product and therefore selling many countries and regions, by the customer's trust and praise. Enterprise development and innovation in science and technology will be further strength, superb technology , excellent product quality, friendly service to meet customer demand , the company wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers letter and cooperation, common development, create brilliant tomorrow.

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